A Crucial Catch: The NFL’s Campaign to Fight Breast Cancer


Photo Cred: USAtoday.net


I love football, much like many other American men, women, and children. Gathering together on Sunday afternoons watching your favorite team with some chicken wings, fries, chili, chips, pop and other goodies is a great way to bring the family together. Some, like myself will watch their favorite team lose again and again and hope for the best in the coming weeks. When the postseason rolls around, we watch the playoffs, and the Superbowl gluing our eyes to not only the game but the funny commercials that proceed.

The reach of the National Football League  is vast. The NFL reaches millions of viewers, and every advertiser and marketer strives to get their commercials on during the superbowl. Almost every household has their TV locked to a game, even if it is for a minute or two on Sunday afternoons (or Monday night for MNF). The point is that the NFL along with delivering entertainment and fun also delivers important messages to us as the viewers and avid consumers.

Each year around October, I watch the games and the players were all wearing some sort of pink, whether it be on their uniform, shoes or helmet. Each year the NFL is advocating for breast cancer awareness. This year, their campaign is called, “A Crucial Catch” and partnering with The American Cancer Society, the NFL is wearing pink to raise awareness during games. The campaign focuses on getting an annual screening to save lives. There are PSA’s to also raise awareness, with personal stories of players who have lost a loved one to breast cancer.

All of the game worn, player pink merchandise will be auctioned off at NFL auction, and all of the proceeds will go to support The American Cancer Society.

NFL.com’s website is packed full of information including links to  breast cancer walks, making donations and information on how to reduce your risk.  I think this is a very important cause, and the NFL has done a great job of advocating for breast cancer awareness.

Information for this post came from NFL.

For more information about A Crucial Catch, please visit NFL Pink.

  1. While this clearly is a positive for everybody involved, one troubling thing that has come of this is certain players being vilified in the media for opting not to wear pink. Eli Manning, starting quarterback of the New York Giants, received some negative press on twitter this week for only wearing a pink chinstrap.

    While the cause is clearly a worthy one, I have a serious problem with media members criticizing players for not taking part (or taking part to a lesser extent than other players). I realize that it’s easy to jump on the “he should be wearing pink” bandwagon, but the facts are it’s still an optional event. Players are not required to do this, and thus shouldn’t be attacked by media members Twitter page when they opt out.

  2. I think it is awesome that the NFL supports breast cancer every year. I am sure this helps make fans even more aware of breast cancer.
    I didn’t know that they sell all of the pink merchandise and give the proceeds to the Cancer Society! What a great idea!

  3. The NFL has decided to wear pink for the Breast Cancer awareness month. Like Hannah, I love sports and like to watch football as well as watch my home football team lose every week. I think it is a great idea and PR that the NFL, many celebrities and idols are supporting breast cancer. This is a class act due to the many of cancer patients. This is not only amazing for breast cancer but as well as other cancers.

  1. November 3rd, 2010

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